Fulfilment of all aspects of WeyrPast's Search policy is MANDATORY for any character wishing to apply for Search on the game.

**Characters must have been APPROVED (not simply created) at least 2 RL (Real Life) weeks before they can be searched. This is to allow your character enough time to develop and/or to become familiar with WeyrPast. Players may apply with ONLY ONE character per Search.

**Character cannot be Holdless and must ICly be at least 13 turns of age but no older than 30 turns of age.

**Characters who are blind, deaf, or who have physical deformities and/or mental problems will not be Searched. This is not a slight on the world's RL disabled community, but rather us keeping within the guidelines set forth by Ms. McCaffrey herself.

**Married or characters with family obligations (IE: parent/guardian of unfostered children or parent/guardian of numerous children) WILL NOT be Searched under any circumstances. Trying to divorce your spouse or foster your children immediately before Search begins will not be looked favorably upon by any Search Committee. See 'help marriage' for related info.

**Pregnant characters WILL NOT be Searched under any circumstances. Dragons CAN sense pregnancy, so please do not attempt to hide it. If your character becomes pregnant after having been Searched, you will be asked to leave Candidacy.

**Crafters with the rank of Master, Lord/Lady Holders or their Heirs will not be Searched.

**Current policy states that there is no limit to the number of rider alts a player may have. Players are allowed two metallics, only one of which may be gold.

Information on WeyrPast's Impression and Color policy can be found under 'help impression' and 'help color'.

As a matter of courtesy, neither Weyr will search from the other's lower caverns (IE: Weyr residents).

Please note that IC Search will be infrequent and done only when we have enough interest to warrant a PC clutch. A vote will be taken occasionally to gauge interest. If enough people indicate they wish to participate in a Search cycle, an announcement will be made to *ann.

If you are interested in applying for Search, please take the time to read this. Experience has taught us that things that may seem obvious to the committees who evaluate applicants, might not be obvious to the applicants themselves. For the sake of giving you the best chance you can have, we've put together a list of the most common mistakes made during the course of a Search application.

1* Badgering the committee
Search committees exist to help applicants, and everyone on one is willing to assist with reasonable questions. However, please don't annoy the committee about your chances, what they thought of your application, sly digs (or not so sly digs) about your hopes for Search, 'idle' speculations on your qualifications/chances/hopes/dreams for riding, etcetera.

2* Kissing Up
Smarmy brown-nosing is a serious turn-off, and will hurt your chances more than help. In case you're wondering, spontaneous and frequent touchy-feely globals, and paged greetings to people you've spoken with maybe _once_, ever, count as kissing up. Don't do it.

3* Prejudicial RP
Remember, riders have non-rider alts out there. To sit completely idle and unresponsive to non-rider attempts at RP, then suddenly spring to life when a committee member shows up is a Bad Thing, and will earn you a Reputation.

4* Inadequate editing
Spell-checkers. Grammar-checkers. Complete sentences. Shows time and commitment and /enthusiasm/. Certainly no one is perfect all the time, but you'd be surprised how much folks appreciate it if you take the time to edit before hitting that enter key.

5* Insubstantial answers
A written application/questionnaire allows you to go more in-depth and take time over your answers to questions. Take advantage of it. Responding to 'Does your character want to become a dragonrider? Why?' with just 'Yes' isn't what you could call a substantial (or adequate) answer.

6* Post-rejection Freaking
If, for some reason, you are rejected for Impression, your chances will be far better in the future if you react in a mature fashion. Remember that this is just a game. If you want an explanation, /ask/ for it, just don't expect to be given confidential information. A sure way to guarantee you'll have the proverbial snowflake's chance of being Searched in the future is to start saying nasty things about the Weyr/Search Committee, throw an angst-fest, or just plain wig out. Persistence in reapplying pays off; we remember the dedication and the drive, and take it into account.

7* Post-Rejection Sulking
Taking out the fact that you didn't impress on the candidates who did impress by constantly complaining to and about them only puts a big red exclamation point beside your name for the next 'co. Remember that those same players will probably make up the SearchCo for future Searches (Definitely in the case of those whose characters impress gold) and how you treat them after the hatching will be remembered. It's okay to be disappointed, it's not okay to take your feelings out on others.

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