SearchCo Information

** Search Committee is open to Weyr riders, and Weyr residents from Fort Weyr. In effort to keep the Search Committee a workable size, membership of the Search Committee will be limited to 25, with first preference going towards those with previous Search Committee experience ONLY if more than 25 people are interested in being on the Committee.

** Search Committee members will also have an activity requirement. It's a small one: only 8-12 hours a month, roughly 2-3 hours a week until the Hatching. If you are inactive online (either not on or idling) as well as inactive in participation of Voting, Searchriding (if you're a Dragonrider), or any other related Search Committee activities, you risk being removed from the Committee.

** Common Sense Rules: 1)You cannot be a member of SearchCo if your are planning to apply for that same Search with any one of your alts; 2)You cannot join SearchCo and then later decide to leave SearchCo to apply for that same Search; 3)You cannot join SearchCo after already applying for that same Search and not being accepted as a candidate; 4)You cannot have more than one alt on the same SearchCo.

** While Search Committee experience is always appreciated, it isn't necessary. However, please be respectful of the policies and procedures already established at the Weyr. There is always room for improvement, yes, but time and effort has gone into how things are currently done. Suggestions for improvement should be directed to *ssg, not to the Search mailer. Please leave that mailer for Search business. Thanks!

** Weyrs do not accept NPC candidates for the entire duration of Search.

** The default Search Coordinator will be the rider of the clutching gold. The player may, if they feel unable to fulfill their duties as Search Coordinator, pass the position on to another member of searchco but the lead must be a resident of Fort Weyr. If the Search Coordinator idles for any reason (s)he will be removed and a new coordinator will be chosen. In general, searches will happen every six months.

NOTE: ALL Search Committee information (questionnaires, interviews, votes, opinions, etc.) is considered CONFIDENTIAL. If you have questions on what you can or cannot share openly, please contact a Search Coordinator. The best policy to have is a 'don't tell a thing' policy. Anyone caught violating Search Committee Confidentiality will be removed from Search Committee immediately and banned from future Search Committees.

WHO'S WHO on Search Committee:
Search Committee Members:
Members of Search Committee include Search Coordinators, Candidate Coordinators, Searchriders, and all the rest of the members who help with the organization of both Search and the Hatching from creating egg and dragon descriptions, inspirations, reading applications, voting, and helping to host the color seminar (if needed). Plus a whole score of other nifty duties.

Search Coordinators:
Searches are generally coordinated by the Weyrwoman whose gold dragon will be clutching. Often one or more of the other Weyrwomen with prior coordinating experience (or who are after more experience) will assist if the rider of the clutching gold wishes it. The coordinating Weyrwoman may choose another Search Coordinator from the other members of the Search Committee. Preferably this person will have the approval of the other Search Coordinators. A Weyrwoman may also choose not to serve as Search Coordinator for her PC clutch, however in such cases she should appoint a Search Coordinator in her place with the approval of the other Search Coordinators.
*NOTE: If you think you'd be interested in helping to coordinate a PC Search in the future, please be sure to contact one of the Weyrwomen. While nothing can be guaranteed, it is good to know who is interested in being a Search Coordinator.

Candidate Coordinator(s):
It's usually a good thing to have one or more (2 is a good number) of the Search Committee members serve as Candidate Coordinators. Candidate Coordinators make good liaisons between the Search Committee as a whole and the Candidates. Candidate Coordinators also help to coordinate (surprise!) IC Candidate activities such as egg touchings and other fun RP events. Basically the Candidate Coordinators keep our Candidates happy and healthy. If problems should arise, they can report them directly to the Search Coordinators.

What To Expect From Search (also know as Search Member Responsibilities):
Pre-Search Cycle:
About 1 month prior to the start of OOC Search, a call goes out to Weyr riders and residents who are interested in serving on the next Search Committee. See 'help searchco' for more information on our member policy and requirements. Serving on Search Committee is NOT mandatory for anyone at the Weyr.
After the Search Committee has been formed, Egg/Dragonet themes are proposed and discussed, though traditionally that choice, or at least the final decision is made by the Weyrwoman whose gold will be clutching. A general timetable is then worked out and the flight and clutching dates/times scheduled. There /might/ also be discussion on the Search mailer about any changes needed to be made to the Applications.

Prior to the Flight:
It's often a good thing to announce to the game that Search is coming up. Usually this is done when the flight is being announced or scheduled. Remind those interested to read the help files.

After the Flight/Beginning of OOC Search:
Either directly after the flight has been completed or shortly thereafter, SearchCo opens OOC Search and begins accepting applications/questionnaires. One of the Search Coordinators will be in charge of verifying that the person applying for search is not holdless, and that their character is ICly old enough to apply for Search. Completed applications/questionnaires are to be returned to the announced search address for review by all of SearchCo.

OOC Search:
After Search Applications/questionnaires are received, the SearchCo will go over the applications. One does not need an interview in order to be searched, however the searchco may wish to discuss certain points of an application/questionnaire with the applicant. In these cases, the applicant will be asked to provide a small amount of time to provide clarification.

About a week before the actual Clutching event and the beginning of IC Search, SearchCo will be wrapping up all OOC matters. There is no limit on the number of Candidates who can be Searched. Egg descriptions should be in no later than 2 days before the Clutching is scheduled.

Once all the eggs are ICly on the Sands, IC Search 'officially' begins. Those SearchCo members that are doing Searchriding duty may begin picking up at any time. Actual searching should be completed within 7 to 10 real life days if at all possible. Completing IC Search /before/ 7 days is acceptable. IC Search officially ends when all the Candidates are Searched.

SearchCo should make every attempt to allow no more than 5 real life weeks to pass between Clutching and Hatching, barring events beyond their control. Within those 5 weeks, the Search and/or Candidate Coordinators will be in charge of scheduling Candidate events. These events consist of, but are not limited to: Egg Touchings, Color Seminar, Pre-Hatching chat w/candidates. Scheduling the above events is in the hands of the Search and/or Candidate Coordinators, so long as everything does get done in the allotted time. The Color Seminar /should/ be scheduled sometime during the week following the end of IC Search if it is needed/wanted by the candidates.

Approximately 3 weeks prior to Hatching (usually at the same time the Candidate Questionnaires go out), SearchCo will be asked to email their PRO/CON list for each Candidate to the announced search mailer within 5 days time. Impression voting will begin the day after PRO/CON lists and Candidate Questionnaires are due. You will have 4 days to cast your Impression votes and make your Inspiration Committee selections. Again, no votes will be accepted after the posted deadline. Once votes are in and the final 8 (or less) picked, Descing/Inspirations committees will be announced. This is usually about 1.5 weeks prior to the Hatching. Dragonet descs and messages should be in to the Search Coordinators no later than 2-3 days /before/ the Hatching. Inspirations should be completed NO LATER than a day before the Hatching.
The Weyrwoman/Search Coordinator reserves the right to tweak descs if needed, but only to keep an even style/flow to the descs and/or fix grammar/punctuation errors. The Weyrwoman/Search Coordinator never has the right to completely rewrite a desc. If a desc does not meet with the Weyrwoman/Search Coordinator's approval to that degree, she is obligated to return it to the author and ask for changes. The Weyrwoman/Search Coordinator also reserves the right to reassign dragonet descing/inspiration duties IF the original committee members fail to have it in by the appointed time.

Hatching Day:
All SearchCo members are requested to be online 1-1.5 hours before the event. The Candidate Coordinator and Weyrlingmaster will be in charge of the Candidates from this point on. The Weyrwoman/Search Coordinators may enlist the aid of other SearchCo members for last-minute things such as doing a quick spell check on the dragonets, running a log, babysitting the growing crowd while she loses her mind, etc. ;) Candidates need to be online 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the event. Please make sure they have appropriate robe descs, drop inventory items in the Barracks, and leave firelizards behind. They should be told to turn off all channels except the Candidate channel, turn off pages, globals, everything and anything possible (if they so choose).All information for SearchCo folks will be handled through the Search channel or a special Hatching channel. Please feel free to pose generic hatching/impressions during any lull in the action.
*NOTE: The remitter from the Gallery to the Sands will be shut off during the hatching. We'll be spammed enough without it. REMEMBER: THERE'S NO MEAT ON THE SANDS.

It is requested that after the Weyrwoman gives her speech announcing the end of the Hatching and thanking the participants and viewers that assigned members of SearchCo (usually the Search and/or Candidate Coordinators) take a moment to make sure OOCly that those left standing are okay. Some players do not handle the rejection well, so in the end, this is the toughest job of all of Search.

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