Tinysex Policy

TS, TinySex, Cybersex or whatever one calls sexual interaction whether OOCly (Out of Character) or ICly (In Character) between VirtuaPern players is something we leave up to the individual. We understand that due to the theme, there may be instances where young dragonrider characters will be holding mating flights while they would be considered underage IRL. However tiny sex is NEVER a requirement and anyone attempting to force another to TS will face expulsion from the game.

This will be the only warning issued. If you are caught in a public place or are proven to have attempted to force another player into TS you may be banned from VirtuaPern. It is up to the discretion of the staff as to what measures will be taken and it is NOT a decision that is up for debate by anyone outside of the administration.

Complaints may be taken up to the Administration but no rulings will be overturned once they are made as all announced decisions are the result of Wizard agreement and not based on a single individual's opinion. That said, it is up to the individual to play in a mature and responsible manner. If you are a minor, it is up to your parents, not the staff of this game, to police what you do with your online time.

If you encounter a situation that involves this issue, please contact the Administration. It is preferred that some sort of proof of evidence be available such as a log of the incident.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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