Roleplay Policy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ R O L E P L A Y ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What exactly is roleplay?

Roleplay is a type of interactive storytelling, where everyone plays one character in an extensive ongoing novel. As other players take actions, it changes the world in which your character lives, and your character would react accordingly. Roleplaying is the process of sharing those reactions with others on the game in a way that's fun for everyone. In VirtuaPern's case, the extensive ongoing novel takes place on the world of Pern as created by Anne McCaffrey.

Below is a list of help files that define and give examples of different type of roleplay (aka RP) situations and what is considered appropriate and inappropriate. Please be sure to read ALL the information provided. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Guide, a Wizard, or one of your Area Leaders.

help manners - Provides info about general roleplay and game etiquette. Common courtesy is ALWAYS appreciated when roleplaying with others.

help angst - Provides info about what angst is and what is appropriate or inappropriate for the world of Pern and the game in general.

help powerplaying - Provides info on the appropriate and inappropriate use of this type of roleplay and gives examples.

help plots - Provides info and guidelines for creating roleplay plots within the game. Not sure if your plot idea requires approval first? Be sure to ask either the Wizards or your Area Leaders. It never hurts to ask before doing.

help events - Provides info for proposing Event ideas. Proposed Events require OOC Staff approval of any Areas that would be involved in the Event.

Thinking of applying for Search with your character sometime in the future? Be sure to read 'help search' for the game's Search policies and character requirements.

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