Returns Policy

As with Instariders, WP does accept returning riders/ranked characters so long as the following are met:

Returning Riders

1) In the event that the returning rider wishes to have their former gold reinstated, they must understand and agree that consideration from Sr Weyrwoman will be given to those whose characters originated on WP.
2) Gold dragon of reproductive age will be reinstated and may produce clutches. They will, however, be placed last in line in the list for PC clutches.
3) If the returning rider of ANY COLOR idles out without giving reason for being absent (in order to be taken off of the idle-nuke list)or without sufficient urgent cause, the dragon will not be reinstated at any point in the future regardless of player activity/interest.
4) Any rider who wishes to have their dragon reinstated must provide the description and any other details for the staff. No staff member will provide or go looking for a missing dragon description.

Returning Ranked Persons

1) In the event that the returning character is a person of rank, it must be judged by the leadership council whether or not said character will now fit into the craft/weyr structure. If the position is being held by an active person, rank may be reinstated but position will not be.
2) It is extremely rare that a character of Craftmaster, Craftsecond, or Apprentice master will be reinstated. If a player wishes to reinstate such a character, they may have to do so at the cost of the title (IE:Returning Craftmaster will become a Master Crafter).
3) A returned Craftmaster/Second may NOT take up their rank again until they have been on game for two RL months.

Last Reviewed: 18th of November 2018

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