Prog Bits Policy

-[ Programmer Bits ]-

In order to ensure fairness and equality of the players, programmer's bits will be given on a need basis. There are two ways to apply for a programmer's bit:

A) Talk to your Area Leader, and have them forward a request to *Wizard saying you wish to have a bit, and what it'll be used for.


B) Send mail to *Programmer-Request giving the information on what you want to do with the programmer's bit.

Then, two wizards will converse, deciding if the bit will be used, and if it will be abused or not. If they decide in favor, the player is progbitted. If not, notification is sent to the player.

Example reasons for a bit:
* Responsible for coding for an area.
* Needing specific commands that programmers use. @prop for WLMs and their books, etc.

Example things NOT to code without permission:
* Feature Objects - We do not wish a glut of these.
* Anything that will spam or allow one to do @shout or the like.

(Special Note: A programmer's bit is a priviledge. As such, the programmer must not be idle for more than a month, or have less than 10 hours activity in a month without notifying the staff, or it will be removed. Also, if a progbit is given for a specific reason, such as a coding project for a knot, it will be removed when that project is finished.)

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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