Powerplaying Policy

Powerplaying is any pose performed by a character that deliberately includes the actions of another person's character or that character's belongings without permission or consent. Thereby forcing the other person's character to perform in ways that they do not wish to or making others assume that they acted in ways that the player did not.

While there may be an element of powerplaying inherent in some poses, extreme powerplaying without the other person's consent is considered unmannerly at best and at worst extremely rude.

If you should encounter another player who powerplays to extremes, one may choose to politely page that player and let them know that you do not appreciate their actions and if they could please be more considerate. If they do not stop, please log the incidents and notify the area leader or a wizard if there is an extreme problem. Harassment or assaults are not appreciated on VirtuaPern. Any player who chooses to ignore polite behavior may have their actions investigated by the wizards who will decide how to proceed at their discretion. Repeat offenders of extreme powerplaying, especially those that may include violence, obscenities, or sexual harassment may have their playing privileges revoked and permanently barred from the game.

Role-playing between close friends may sometimes include an element of powerplaying that can be done without harm.

Example of allowable powerplaying:

Robby dances with Jenny in the Gather Square in time with the music, he leads them through the steps and then spins her in his arms.

In this instance Robby is assuming that Jenny will allow him to be the lead and pose other things that would be allowable in a dance. That is assuming that Jenny has already ICly (or OOCly by paging,) agreed to dance with Robby in the first place. ;)

Example of bad powerplaying:

Robby sneaks up behind Jenny and reaches into her pocket, stealing her money

In this case, not only is Robby committing a felony, he is assuming or forcing Jenny to not be able to stop him from doing something she might not like. If Jenny doesn't want to be pickpocketed, she doesn't have the opprotunity to cancel the action by posing that she suddenly moves away so that Robby misses or that she manages to catch him in the act. Jenny could always allow Robby to do something like this if he had asked if it was ok with her. In which case he could pose instead:

Example of avoiding powerplaying:

Robby sneaks up behind Jenny, carefully he reaches out with his hand to try and take her marks out of her pocket.

Note that this time he's only /trying/ to do it, which leaves Jenny the chance to react in the way she wishes.

Jenny doesn't notice Robby at all, her marks are gone and she continues to walk away not knowing that Robby had managed steal them.
Jenny feels fingers where they don't belong and she whirls around yells, "Robby what are you doing?" as she jumps back and checks her pocket.

I hope this file helped to clear up what powerplaying is and ways to pose without it. If there are questions you may ask a Guide on the 'who' listing or @send *Guides for more help.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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