Names Policy

===================== Policy and Procedures For Game Names =====================
In accordance to the theme of the game, the naming convention on Pern follows a certain pattern that generally resembles that of modern day Earth with twists of various different cultural backgrounds. Common English names with a slant in their spelling are the usual pattern, such as names like Cindy becoming Cyndee or Sindi, Robert becoming Rubar or Roburt.

Fantasy style names like Darkstorm or Cyberpunk names like Afterburn are not acceptable. Names taken from other series are generally frowned upon as well, though if their naming style fits the theme, they may be passable as long as the character created follows the lifestyle appropriate to this game.

Surrnames are rare on Pern, a few families do adhere to this tradition, but the majority do not. On the game, we generally simply go by the character's given name and leave additional names to be mentioned in rp or in their +finger files.

To change your name, simply type: @rename me to <new name>

Dragonrider honorifics with the apostrophe mark (') are only taken if your character is an actual dragonrider, meaning you went through the process of search and impression or have been approved for an instarider character. Dragonrider names are developed traditionally by contracting the character's original name, making it shorter. People interested in becoming dragonriders later might consider using names that can be contracted reasonably. Such as Andorelan becoming A'lan, A'dore, or An'lan.

As a courtesy to Anne McCaffrey as well as respecting her copyrights, the policy of the game dictates that players should avoid using the names that have appeared in main roles in her books such as Lessa and F'lar. We realize that there are certain popular common names that people would like to use and have no bearing on the books, but would contract to similar names that have appeared such as Kevin or Kevan; we would like to try and avoid those names as much as possible. The administrators of this game would prefer not to police the players over names, so as long as the name does not feature prominently in the books, we can look the other way as long as there is no claim to be that same character or be descended from the book character.

Grandfathered names are those that were created on VirtuaPern and then later, appeared as a character in one of Anne's books. We have no control over that and in fact we feel that it is quite an honor to have these occurances. So as long as there are no claims to be that specific book character, the administration feels that there is no conflict.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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