Moving Policy

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& PROPERLY USING THE @MOVE COMMAND &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

We seem to have a rash of players who @move their characters around the game and into private rooms. This needs to stop. Not only is it an invasion of privacy, but it's also an interruption to the RP that may be occuring in the room. Continually @moving yourself into rooms that aren't PUBLIC (as listed under @party) or @moving yourself into rooms without specific permission can eventually lead to the removal of your character or to site-banning. We don't like to see either of those two things happen. If you've been warned about @moving into private rooms then heed the warning and DO NOT DO IT AGAIN.

A simple rule of thumb is as follows: If the room is listed under the @party (the normal @party message that gives a list of public places), then feel free to @move to the room. If the room is NOT listed, DO NOT @move unless you page first and ASK. If the room has a person's name attached to it or the words 'weyr', 'ledge', 'office', or 'barracks' then don't bother paging. That room is PRIVATE and not meant for visitors to just @move in.In the case of rooms titled 'barracks', it is safe to assume that you may NOT enter for any reason unless you are associated with the function which the room serves. IE: Candidate barracks are restricted to candidates and riders from that weyr, Weyrling barracks are restricted to Weyrlings, Weyrlingmasters, and Weyr staff. In the case of apprentice dorms, if you are not from that craft, stay out.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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