Manners Policy

A MOO society is no different than society in Real Life, where the actions you take have consequences. As a result, one must act accordingly. Vulgarity, obscenity, or rudeness will not be tolerated. Use your judgement as best you can. There are rp situations where a certain degree of questionable actions may be necessary: Green/Gold riders, when proddy, make act with mannerisms far more explicit in nature than is customary. If their actions should start to offend or become extreme, it never hurts to /ask/ the player to lighten their style or simply leave the room. A character might also be played as naturally gruff or uncouth, however it is considered a courtesy to let the other players around him/her know that it's entirely for playing purposes only and no insult or harm is intended /before/ engaging in the role play. Harassing a person over and over for roleplay is frowned upon as well. Always remember: ICA=ICC

Another facet that arises is complaining about other games. Please don't do this in a public manner. It isn't polite to put down people or places while on VirtuaPern. Discussing this or any other game in a constructive manner is allowed on public channels. Complaining about this or other games/people on those games on public channels is not and anyone seen doing this will recieve a guide warning. Using obscenities on public/semi-public channels will also earn an @guide warning.

Rules lawyering will not be tolerated. The Wiz staff has other, more constructive things to do with their time than to argue the minutiae of game policy/theme with nit-pickers. Please use common sense and, if in doubt, ask but be ready to accept 'no' as an answer. Continuing to argue a point once a Wizard decision has been given will result in a guide warning as well as a temporary ban from the game.

Please keep advertisements for other games to the *Misc mailer. Ads sent to other mailers may be removed at Wizard discretion.

Using the game and its channels as a place to council or angst over your life, complaining and pouting in various public forums, trying to guilt-trip people in various ways and complain for OOC (RL/Non Character Related) reasons will earn you a temporary ban from the game.

For convenience, the majority of VirtuaPern's policy files have been moved to their own index. It is suggested that all players read through the files listed under: help policies index

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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