Logging Policy

----- LOGGING POLICY ----——
Wizards on WeyrPast DO NOT log for the purpose of spying on characters or gaining information on their players. Wizards will log general game-wide meetings as well as private meetings with players for the purpose of documention only. Especially if a complaint or other problems is the cause of the meeting.

Players MAY log public events and roleplay in public rooms without requiring the permission of any other players involved. Examples of public events are Clutchings, Hatchings, Handfastings (if in a public room), Gathers, Bazaars, Races, or any other event posted on *Announcements. Examples of public rooms are Living Caverns, Great Halls, Dining Halls, Courtyards. If you have a question about what constitutes a public event or public room, please send a note to *Wizards.

Players MAY NOT log roleplay in private or semi-public rooms without the permission of other players involved in the roleplay. This is considered COMMON COURTESY!

Players MAY log OOC chat in public rooms and on public channels without requiriing permission of other players involved. Examples of public channels are the [Public] channel and any main Hold, Craft or Weyr channels.

Players MAY NOT log OOC chat in private or semi-public rooms, or on private channels without the permission of other players involved. This also includes roleplay done on private channels. The ONLY exception is when a player is logging evidence for a harassment claim. Again, this is considered COMMON COURTESY!

Players may NOT distribute logs of private or semi-public roleplay and OOC conversations, or publish them on a website without the permission of the other players involved.

Players who violate the Logging Policy are subject to the same punishments listed under 'help harassment' as invading someone's privacy is a form of harassment.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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