Idle Characters Policy

All characters who are not titled 'Holdless', regardless of IC or OOC position, will be removed from the game after they are idle for 3 months. Wizards will not notify areas, specifically Weyrs, when characters such as riders are going to be idle dested. There are, however, exceptions to the 3 month rule. The guidelines are as follows:

—> Characters who are idle or will be idle due to RL occurrences that /prevent/ them for logging onto the game will be given a grace period of another 3 months (6 months total of idle time). Simply stating that you cannot find the time to log on for the 30 seconds or less it would take to keep your character from going idle when you still have online access is /NOT/ an adequate excuse.

—> It will be the responsibility of the player to notify the Wizards that they will not be able to log onto the game as well as provide an acceptable excuse for their absense. (IE: lost of access, family or personal emergency, extended vacation or trip.) If the Wizards have not been contacted BEFORE the original 3 month idle period, the character will be removed from the game at the 3 month mark.

—> Unapproved characters will be nuked after two weeks, active or not.

The command @inukes is available to all players and lists the characters who have been idle for 2 months or more. The command also lists the title of the character, making it easier for area leaders and staff to pick out who belongs to which area.

See the Holdless policy for the game's policy on idle Holdless characters.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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