Characters Policy

#1 Players are allowed to have multiple characters on WeyrPast.

#2 Only one player per character is allowed. A player is NOT to allow another player to share his/her character. If the Wizards discover a character is being played by more than one player, that character will be nuked with or without warning. EXCEPTION: For certain events such as Hatchings where a player has a candidate character and can't attend, players are allowed to find someone else to puppet their character, but ONLY for said event.

#3 Characters are NON-TRANSFERABLE. This means that players are not to give away their characters to someone else without notifying AND getting permission from both the Wizards and the OOC Staff of the area in which the character resides. If it becomes known that a character was given to another player without permission being given, that character will be nuked with or without warning.

#4 Players ARE allowed to rename characters if they decide they don't like the original name, and ARE allowed to keep all ranks, objects, firelizards, etc. associated with that character ONLY if they intend to continue playing the character exactly as before without major changes to description, personality, or gender other than what would constitute character development. If players wish to rename a character for the purpose of creating a completely different alt, then players should simply create a new character use the @create command from the login screen or the @request command.
NOTE: Players who rename their characters should make sure to notify the OOC staff of the area in which they live of the new name. This does not apply to newly Impressed dragonriders, since that name change is expected.
NOTE: Firelizards ARE NEVER transferrable.

Have any questions about WeyrPast's character policy? Please send them to *Wizards.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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