Building Policy

#1 Players are NOT allowed to build rooms of any kind without the permission of their Area Leaders. Most Areas have rules and restrictions about which players get private rooms and which do not. Floating rooms will be recycled by the Wizards without notice. You have been warned!

#2 New Areas or single rooms not in keeping with the current PC areas are NOT to be built without the permission of the Wizards. Anyone who wishes to build a temporary room or area to be used for specific roleplay or event such as a handfasting, honeymoon, Gather, etc., should sent their request to *Wizards with the understanding the room and/or area will be recycled after the roleplay or event has concluded.

#3 All rooms must be parented to the CORRECT parent for any Area. Each Area Builder has a Generic <Area> Room object that is automatically used whenever said Builder digs a room, which in turns automatically sets the @who_location message of said room. However, if a player is allowed to dig a room of their own, then they MUST be sure to parent that new room to the proper Area Parent.

#4 DO NOT build any more Sky Rooms without Wizard permission. Each Area should already have ample Sky Rooms. If you need to have a new room in your Area linked to a Sky Room, please try to use an existing one rather than building a new one.

#5 All outside rooms should have weather messages. To set the weather message on an outside room, please do the following: @set room#.outside to 1 (this makes it weather-ready), then @set here.weather_area to "<area>" (current choice is Fort). If you want to make a room no longer accessible to the weather message, simply type @set room#.outside to 0 (this will turn off the weather message on the room).

#6 Builders DO NOT own player rooms. If you build a room for a player it MUST be @chowned to the player ASAP. To make a room chownable type @set here.c to 1. The new owner should then type either @chown here OR @chown #ofRoom to officially own it. Builders are allowed to own the rooms of recycled players for the purpose of saving the descriptions. This should only be temporary and the descriptions should be saved elsewhere (such as offline) and the rooms recycled.

#7 VirtuaPern has always prided itself for taking the time to have the IC areas be as close to the books as possible. Granted, its near impossible to be completely exact, but do at least make the effort to hold to canon where and whenever possible. Don't confuse the players with a complex and uncanon layout.

#8 When descing a room, do NOT powerplay the readers. Describe the room as it looks but do NOT tell the readers what they feel or think. That is a major 'no-no' in roleplay. Also, for room names, while ANSI is allowed in moderation, please keep room names grammatically correct. We are not a l33t site.

#9 Remember to do your exit messages. Be sure to set the oarrive, oleave and leave messages for every exit - no exceptions.

#10 Only Area Leaders (aka members of an Area's OOC Staff) will have access to their Area Builder. Builder passwords need to be changed regularly for security reasons. It is MANDATORY that the Builder password will be changed when an Area's OOC Staff changes.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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