Agreement Policy

By creating/setting up a character on WeyrPast, all players are thereby agreeing to the policies and rules established by the administration as listed within the policy files (help policy index). They will be updated and announced as needed by the staff.

It is the responsibility of each player to read and keep themselves up to date with the published policies, with the understanding that the purpose of the administration is to maintain an enjoyable environment for the game as a whole, as opposed to an individual's interpretation of what that might be. Players are reminded that the wizards maintain this game for the enjoyment of everyone. We expect you to behave with reasonable maturity. If a player fails to do so we will NOT create new policy to police them, but will take steps necessary to solve the problem, up to and including character removal.

By creating a character for game, you hereby agree to adhere to policies and rules as stated by the administration. You also agree that you are willing to play in a PG-13 environment with adult themes comparable to the books. If you do not agree, we recommend that you please disconnect and look elsewhere for entertainment. We will recycle your unapproved character within one month unless you come back and change your mind.

Please remember that Wizard decisions are final as is Wizard interpretation of the game rules/policies. If you wish to rules lawyer, we suggest you go to a legal themed M*. The game administration has much better and more constructive things to do with their time than to argue policy and theme. If it is discovered that changes need to be made, they will be discussed with the game leadership and staff. By creating a character on this game, you agree to abide by Wizard decision and interpretation of policy/theme.

Last Reviewed: 11th of November 2018

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