Areas of Weyr Past

Fort Weyr (playable area)

In the fourteenth Turn after the Ancients escaped from the Southern Continent, the first Weyr, Fort, was established to house the ever-growing dragon population under the careful guidance of Sorka and Sean Connell, Fort's first Weyrleaders.

Weyr Colors: Black & Brown
Weyr Motto: First in Flight

Fort is the largest Weyr with its bowl being over a mile in length. The Weyr itself has two distinct features. The jagged Tooth Crag lies at the northeast rim while at the opposite ends lies the remnants of the ancient landslide which disrupts Fort's unusual oblong bowl. Fort Weyr is designed to house a maximum of 500 dragons with their riders and other residents of the Weyr. Thousands of Turns after it was first established, Fort still holds fast to the traditions and the honor of being Pern's first Weyr.

Fort Hold (playable area)

In a valley formed by a fault, the right face of a palisade three kilometers long was gashed at its foot by a narrow horizontal slit, four meters high, permitting entry to the caverns inside. Thusly, Fort Hold was founded. The hold was intended to house the population of landing, which, due to threadfall, had fallen to less than 1200.

Hold Colors: Brown & Yellow
Motto: Tradition & Honor

Benden Weyr (non-playable area)

Michael Connell and his wife, Torene, founded the second of Pern's Weyrs during the First Interval. The Weyr was named in honor of Admiral Paul Benden, in spite of his objections. Benden Weyr was established in the 18th Turn of the colony.

Weyr Colors: Red & Black
Weyr Motto: Honor & Duty

Benden Weyr lies on the far east side of the Northern Continent, embedded among the mountains. Formed by nature into a double crater with an immense vaulted cavern big enough for a half-dozen queens to clutch in, it was considered the ideal site for a new Weyr. The natural formations were left unaltered as much as possible, the builders only widening and smoothing the existing caverns and corridors. This allowed Benden to retain the same 'feel' as the Weyr and Holds established before it.

Having now been responsible for feeding and caring for the dragons and their riders under its 'roof' for two centuries, Benden Weyr has managed to eke out a fairly important niche in the local economy. Crafts, cots, and holds that need goods transported quickly and efficiently can now call upon Weyr and arrange a contract for use of a dragon or two to move goods and people where they need to be. In addition, careful follow-up to F'lar's plan for Weyr-held farmlands in the South means that food for the great Weyr is taken care of, and the marks the transport service earns can be put almost entirely to purchasing specialty foods from the Crafthalls of Pern, as well as keeping members of its staff well-paid and happy. It also allows them to maintain various crafters within their hallowed walls.

Benden Hold (non-playable area)

The inviting sweep of the mountainside and valley drew the founders of Benden Hold away from the Weyr and the abandoned stakes of Roma and Thessaly in the 22nd Turn after Landing. They discovered there was an impressive warren within the cliffs that needed very little additional excavation in order to create a large and well-proportioned Hold.

Hold Colors: Violet & Red
Motto: Loyalty in Adversity

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